5 reasons to buy a used luxury car

Luxury cars are beautiful things to behold, but aside from being very easy on the eye, they’re also extremely expensive, at least when bought brand new. For those on a tighter budget, however, a pre-owned luxury car might be just the thing for you. Here we take a look at 5 great reasons to buy a used luxury car.

1) The price tag

As we’ve just mentioned, the first (and let’s be honest, probably the most important) reason to dip into the pre-owned market when looking for a new car is the price. A quality used car can sometimes cost you around 60-70% of the price of the same model brand new, so it’s easy to see you could make yourself a massive saving straight away.

2) Depreciation

Depreciation (when a new car loses value upon purchase, as it’s no longer ‘new’) is a massive pain. It’s something all purchasers of shiny new car models will be aware of and will have factored into their budget. If you’re not too bothered about the prestige of owning the very latest model fresh from the dealers, you could save some money in the long run by opting for a used luxury car bargain.

3) Manufacturer pre-owned programmes

Being able to get a warranty on a quality used luxury car is no longer a problem these days, thanks to the certified pre-owned programmes offered by most manufacturers. You’ll need to go through a manufacturer-approved outlet such as Romans if you’re considering going down this route, but there are some real bargains to be had in the pre-owned luxury car market. So, it’s well worth taking your time to find a good car that’s under warranty.

4) More for less

If you’re looking to make a car purchase and have your heart set on the luxury end of the market, buying pre-owned means you can get a better model of car than the equivalent amount of cash will get you brand new. This is great if you just don’t want to be seen in an economy-style brand new car, so always keep an eye out for those used luxury car bargains.

5) Cars with character

If you’re looking at luxury cars, then pre-owned options will very often enable you to own an automobile with more ‘character’ instead of a brand-new-but-bland car that everyone else is driving. This is especially true at the vintage end of the used luxury-car market where there are some really stylish (and sometimes rare and unusual!) options to be had.