All you need to know about the Aston Martin

The Aston Martin, that most famous of British sports cars, was born on the eve of World War One in the heart of the Chilterns, where pioneer piston-head Lionel Martin had raced at Aston Hill and now decided to make his own cars, and quickly established the twin company traditions of superb machinery and dysfunctional finances.

Already bankrupt in 1924 and once again in 1925, Aston Martin was scooped up by its first consortium the year after and rescued again in 1932. It then switched, probably wisely, from racing to road cars, and 700 were hand-built – notably the zippy little 1.5 litre Ulster – until war broke out against Germany and production was completely halted.

The nostalgic and well-loved era of GTs began post-war in 1947 when Huddersfield machinery mogul David Brown acquired the firm and lodged it in his tractor division. Soon Aston Martin had risen from the ashes and was competing again, with the DB2, in 1950. But the stand-out classic winner was the beloved DB4 (1958).

All the DBs were sleek, elegant and fast – but by no means muscle-cars: from 1954 to 1965 all had six-cylinder engines. It was in 1955 that coach-builder Tickford was bought and blended in, meaning that Aston Martins would forever be a perfect fusion of engineering excellence and aesthetic elegance. 1963’s DB5 was Sean Connery’s ride in “Goldfinger”. Just in case there had been any doubt about it, Aston Martin had truly arrived on the scene.

California’s emissions rules and the global oil crisis conspired in an assassination attempt on Aston Martin in the 1970s, but it fought back bravely, transforming itself through the muscle-car US ownership period (the V8 Vantage, still beautiful) and several Star Wars wedges until it finally evolved into the re-tooled and slick super car maker of today.

Perhaps the industry’s greatest survivor, as well as one of its premier innovators, Aston Martin embodies both tradition and modernity. Now, with its three-tier set-up of ultra-expensive Valkyrie super car, superior DB series and sporty young Vantage models with their V8 Mercedes-AMG power plants, Aston Martin has succeeded at last in turning its essential qualities into a business that will cross the finish line.

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