Why buying a super car or sports car is an investment

It may seem too good to be true for fans of the super car and sports car, but purchasing a much-coveted motor can actually be a sound investment. As with many investment classes, investing in vehicles in this way does not come without risk. But those who make good purchases can find themselves reaping the reward!

Choose your car, take aim, FIRE!

Identifying an asset which will appreciate in value is crucial to any investment strategy, particularly for those looking to invest in luxury goods. So many will be interested to hear that buying a classic sports car can generate returns of as much as 28% annually, according to one investment index, if not more! Over ten years the same luxury goods index estimates growth of 179%. This is likely to be greater than the returns from investing in the FTSE 100. The same index estimates the return on wine to be 3%, quite a difference! And some will argue there is more fun to be had in a sports car than anything you’ll find in a bottle – we have to agree! Not to mention that a sports car has value once you’ve used it – when the wine is drunk, so is your investment.

So, what about pre owned?

When looking for a pre owned car that will appreciate in value the best rewards come, as with all investments, to those who have done their research. It’s important to properly evaluate a car before buying. Value can be gleaned from cars with low mileage, based on their condition or if they have been owned by a VIP, for example. Caring for a pre owned car also instils a discipline and patience that serves owners well in other areas of their life. This could even be seen as an investment into the emotional, if not physical, health of an investor, if you like.

As always it’s important not to rush investment, take your time, and heed advice from a professional advisor such as Romans on your purchase. A super car or sports car won’t be cheap, and you’ll want to go into any investment with your eyes wide open. So, if you fancy a new motor as we head towards winter – perhaps a Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati or Lamborghini, will be just what the doctor ordered!

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